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Transport License

Its first transport license our company received in 2004, and our current License No. TU-009489, issued by the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport, covers the international commercial transportation of goods for the five year period, beginning on the 01.06.2015 and ending on the 31.05.2019. This license remains valid until 13.11.2044.

NIP (tax id number)

Our company has started its operations on the 06.06.1994, at this time it had been also registered at the Polish Tax Office branch in Głogów, so it could have received the tax identification number, or the NIP number: 693-101-19-02. On the 05.01.2004, the company had been EU VAT registered, and in all the purchase and sale transactions it concludes within the EU, it is obliged to use this tax identification number, preceded by the PL code:

VAT UE: PL 6931011902

The current status of a company Tax ID Number / VAT EU registration, can be checked with the below search engine.



Please be advised that the Central Statistical Office, branch in Wrocław, on the basis of the application, assigned to the company which operates under the name of PHU RITEX Waldemar Michałowski, the statistical identification number: 390305160

The current company data can be downloaded from the web page of the Central Registry and Information About Business Activities (CEIDG), using their search engine, link below.


ISO 9001

In order to provide quality services, we have implemented the Quality Management System complying with the ISO 9001 standard.

It is the main objective of our company mission statement, to constantly increase the quality of our services, making it possible to fulfil both current and potential needs of our Clients.

Design, implementation and certification of the Quality Management System has been, as we see it, just a beginning of our efforts to modernize the management process in our firm. Such values as clarity, transparency and responsibility help us to be perceived by our customers and business partners as predictable at all times. The values also form a solid foundation for the development of other management systems.

Certificate No.: PW-00101-14

The certificate includes:


Road Carrier Permit

Our company, on the basis of the Act of 06 September 2001 on road transportation, has received from the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport the Permit No 002000 to perform the activities of a road carrier. The permit has been granted for an indefinite time period and entitles our company to engage in the activities of a road carrier within the scope of the domestic carriage of goods.

ISO 14001

We want to make the Environmental Management System, which we have implemented, the integral part of our company management system. This means that all the basic parts of the system: structure, responsibilities, procedures, measures to ensure the implementation of environmental policy are consistent with all other functions of our company and with our development strategy as a whole.

Premises for the effective quality management and the efficient management in terms of the environment - are in many respects the same. The main objective for both is to implement the economic and environmental strategies into the company operations, and the idea of businesses getting involved in the environment protection is just a sign of our times.

Certificate No.: PW-00201-14


Carrier Liability Insurance Policy

We protect our transportation services with the insurance policy issued by the Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A. (Plish Insurance Company).This is the leading insurer on the Polish market, and the company has an excellent reputation among its customers. When selecting the insurer, we took into account the main aspects and the challenges we face, while providing our services, and our major goal here had been to protect all types of the transportation services we provide – to the maximum value of the goods being transported.

The most important assets of our insurance policy are:

- warranty coverage amounts to EUR 300,000.00,
- insurance protection during transport of used vehicles,
- extended liability for damages caused during a robbery,
- insurance coverage of containers, pallets and other units used for transportation.

Such carefully prepared insurance policy protects our interests, but also for our customers it means the 100 % certainty, that even in cases where any damages shall occur, there will be no problem with the payments from the insurer.

Freight Forwarding License

Our company, on the basis of the Act of 06 September 2001 on road transportation, has received the license No. 2/2014 for the road transport operations as an agent in the area of freight forwarding.

Liability Insurance for Cabotage Services within EU

We protect our cabotage transportation services within European Union with the insurance policy issued by the Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A. in co-insurance with the Gothaer Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. When selecting the insurer, we took into account the most important aspects and the challenges we face, while providing our transportation services.

The insured amount for our cabotage services in Europe is EUR 300,000.00 per accident and EUR 300,000.00 per all accidents during the policy period.