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ISO certification is being recognized as the quality assurance and often is necessary to be able to enter public tender procedures. In addition, the ISO certification guarantees, that the high standard of the internal company procedures is being maintained. This in turn proves important in the process of acquiring new clients.

Furthermore, the certificate is important in the international relations and promotes a better perception of the company by our potential partners. Therefore we have decided to go through with the evaluation, hoping that our work and the achievements to date, will make for the positive assessment. And so it happened.

The ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates confirm objectively the high quality of our services, internal company procedures and standards of conduct in our relations with the customers

The certification means for our company the ongoing process of improvement in the areas of our employees’ qualifications, procedures and business standards. We are committed to the daily in-house control of all the important aspects of our work. Our main goal is to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001

In order to provide quality services, we have implemented the Quality Management System complying with the ISO 9001 standard.

It is the main objective of our company mission statement, to constantly increase the quality of our services, making it possible to fulfil both current and potential needs of our Clients.

Design, implementation and certification of the Quality Management System has been, as we see it, just a beginning of our efforts to modernize the management process in our firm. Such values as clarity, transparency and responsibility help us to be perceived by our customers and business partners as predictable at all times. The values also form a solid foundation for the development of other management systems.

Nr certyfikatu: PW-00101-14
The certificate includes:


ISO 14001

We want to make the Environmental Management System, which we have implemented, the integral part of our company management system. This means that all the basic parts of the system: structure, responsibilities, procedures, measures to ensure the implementation of environmental policy are consistent with all other functions of our company and with our development strategy as a whole.

Premises for the effective quality management and the efficient management in terms of the environment - are in many respects the same. The main objective for both is to implement the economic and environmental strategies into the company operations, and the idea of businesses getting involved in the environment protection is just a sign of our times.

Certificate No.: PW-00101-14
The certificate includes: - TRANSPORT

BCC Certificate

Our company, every year since 2013 until present, has been receiving the Business Credibility Certificate, awarded by the Dun & Bradstreet Poland.

This prestigious award is being granted to companies with the top rate stability and credibility assessment. The assessment is made by the Dun & Bradstreet experts, based on: analysis of the payment morality according to the DunTrade program, analysis of the financial indicators and on the Poland’s largest database of the corporate and personal relations.

To join the list of the honoured firms, the company must meet strictly defined criteria, at the same time providing the guarantee of the high level of profitability, financial capacity and liquidity, and having a very low debt burden and scarce number of the overdue payments. The “Business Credibility Certificate” marks the awarded firm as the potential partner, that can be trusted. As the most reliable and financially stable business associate.

D.U.N.S. Number

D-U-N-S number certificate

We are pleased to inform, that our company, for a number of years, has been in a possession of the D-U-N-S number certificate.

DUNS number is a unique number assigned by Dun & Bradstreet, which has become a standard recognized, used and required by more than 50 global trade and industrial organizations, including the governments of the United States an Australia.

The D-U-N-S number stands for:

- consistent data representation
- clear identification of business partners
- organized updating and adding of data
- generating data across the enterprise and the related systems

Management System Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

Our company motto is: „Europe in 48 h”

We are committed to:

- Provide quick and professional services in the areas of transport, freight forwarding and logistics throughout the world,
- Establish stable business relations with our customers, based on trust and satisfaction,
- Excel in the quality of our services and the competence of our employees,
- Promote environmental awareness and impact the environment as little as possible,
- Expand our business activities, while taking into account the scarcity of natural resources,
- Build up the organizational identification among our employees.

We feel obliged to comply with the legal requirements and other obligations, to prevent pollution and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.